What’s Your Focus?

August 7, 2013
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What’s your focus?

On the doctor report? On the bills that loom?

On what that person said or did to you?

The wrong focus can make you or break you.

Here’s the deal; what you look at is what you get.

Why does the word tell us, “in everything give thanks?”

So our focus is on Him and His solution for our situation, not on our situation.

I have found over and over, and I think I get it now, that everything can change

in one day. One day turns our fortunes, our sorrow into joy, our problems into

powerful testimonies. One day, one phone call, one letter in the mail.

Look at Joseph in prison, David running for his life, Jesus in the tomb.

Look at me and repeat this: “I will focus on God, not on the issues that swirl around

me. He is in control!” ~ Helen