From J.

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I feel very blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to meet with you ladies on Monday night. The experience was very liberating.

I feel brand new and ready to start a new chapter in my life as per the Lord's will.

Thank you for the song, I will be listening to it all day from my desk. How nice...like a waterfall...I can feel the water falling on my head and going down to the rest of my body as I did on Monday.

I am filled with overwhelming joy and peace.

Last night I was at my woman's group at church and during small group prayer, I shared my experience with the other two ladies and shared as well the information to contact you.

They are very interested and feel they are also in need of healing and deliverance.

I bless your ministry and I am looking forward to coming to one of the groups you mentioned to me about. Please let me know when the groups meet.

My best regards to my other two sisters who were there with me during this special time in my life on Monday night.  My the peace of the Lord always be with you"

From L.

Dear Helen,

Thank you and God bless you for your ministry. I feel lighter and free!

I wanted to share this affirmation with you. Praying you are blessed beyond

With great peace,



Painful Preparation

Help and peace and joy are here. Your courage will be rewarded.

As painful as this time is, one day you will both see the reason why. You
will realize that it was not cruel testing, but tender preparation for the
extraordinary life-work you are both to do.

Try to realize that your own prayers are being answered most wonderfully.
Answered in a way that seems painful to you, but that is the only way for

Success in the material world would not satisfy you.

Great success in both the material and the spiritual worlds awaits you. I
know you will see this had to be.