Identity Crisis

August 7, 2013
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By Helen Alspaugh

April 28, 2013

The more believers I talk to , the more I realize that there is an identity crisis in the

body of Christ.

We do not know who we are. We think we are labeled by what we do, our gifts,

our faults. And draw the conclusion that we are lacking. For sure, any identity that

comes from our actions will cause that diagnosis. And yes, what is in our heart will

come out eventually in it actions and speech. But, still, is that who we really are? Or

are our actions determined by something else?

Consider this train of thought: Are not those things the result of patterning, placed

long ago by the enemy of our destiny? Lies that we believe are truths, wounds that

are covered by tender places of protection that roar out when touched?

Who will show us who we are? Who we really are? In Tales of the Kingdom, when

Scarboy makes it into Great Park (the allegorical kingdom of salvation), the Caretaker

calls him, “Hero”. It takes Scarboy a while to see himself as that Hero. All he sees

is the terrible scar on his face that has maimed him for life. He had to go through a

transformation process. As do we all.

Give yourself time. And start displacing lies with truth. And any place inside of

us where sadness or anger resides is a place where lies or wounds have taken

up residence. And yes, they do have an effect on your personality and on your


The process begins with a simple question. What is the truth? Begin with this simple

one: “I am my beloveds’ and He is mine.” There are no orphans in the kingdom.

Everyone belongs to someone.

When we know who we are, we are walking hand in hand with the Truth. And He

sets us free.

When we know who we belong to and who is our protector, we can say with

confidence, ” Can’t touch this.”

” Are you starting to believe, Neo?” Or should I call you….Hero…?