About Us

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Sozo Miami was established in 2010 as a tool to help the body of Christ in this region and beyond. Our mission is to help believers experience freedom from woundings, sin, entanglements and the demonic through an encounter with Jesus Christ; and to train, impart and releas others to do the same.

Most of the team has gone through extensive training in the Bethel Sozo model. They have traveled to attend both the Sozo Basic in Alabany and the Sozo Advanced in Atlanta. They have also traveled to Redding each year for the Sozo Summit, a leaders training and encouragement gathering in the fall.

The training and mentoring continues as we set appointments for members of the community to “come and be made whole”. Our goal is to establish other Sozo teams in the region and all throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Every person on the planet needs to connect to Father God and to be set free from the wounds and lies that keep them from fullfilling their God given destiny.

It is to this end that two of the directors, Larry & Helen Alspaugh, have pursued and received certification to instruct in the  Bethel Basic Sozo. They are also sub-directors of the South Florida area under the directorship of Tom & Sheryl Roan of Bethel Atlanta.

Relationship is a vital part of this ministry. We invite you to come onboard, get to know the team and to join with us in the quest to set the nations free.

It’s a joyful adventure, full of grace and truth. As the “Tales of the Kingdom” battle cry states,

“To the King!  To the Restoration!”

Director: Helen Alspaugh is a director at both Sozo Miami and the Miami School of the Prophetic. Along with her husband, Larry, she is Bethel Sozo sub director and certified to teach Sozo Basic. She is the administrator and organizer of Sozo Miami and the school. Her prophetic voice and teaching has set many free. She has two goals: to teach the world how to Sozo others and how to hear the voice of the Lord for themselves.To contact Helen

Helen Alspaugh – Miami School of the Prophetic


Director: Larry Alspaugh is a director of Sozo Miami and the Miami School of the Prophetic. He is sub director of Bethel Sozo in Florida and certified Sozo Basic instructor. A businessman and international itinerant prophetic minister and musician, his giftings and insight have made him an invaluable addition to the Sozo team. Contact Larry

Larry Alspaugh – Miami School of the Prophetic


Director: Hank and Millie Bowles, Mighty Oaks Ministries, are both licensed ministers. Their mission is to teach, disciple, and train believers how to walk in the fullness of God through prophetic ministry to the body and deliverance ministry through Sozo training. Hank is a skilled sozo minister, a teacher, and a founding member of Sozo Miami. He is also a leader and teacher at the Miami School of the Prophetic, a prophetic ministry training center. It is their heart’s desire for all believers to walk in the freedom of Christ and become like greatoaks of righteousness that the LORD has planted for his own glory according to Isaiah 61:3. Contact Hank

Director: “Milz”Morrison of CrackedPotz Ministry, was introduced to spiritual warfare, setting captives free and walking in freedom over 40 years ago in the homes of Derek Prince and Bob Mumford in the early days of the Charismatic movement.  Subsequently, she began studying lay counseling and working in Christian Twelve Step ministry, which grew into a life’s work of ministering to wounded believers who have come from, or are in, dysfunctional relationships and with those who have not realized they can have an actual “relationship” with God.  Her passion is to share the good news of Freedom and see the captives free ~ and walking as mature children of the King, healthy, whole, and ready to LIVE the destiny God has for each. Contact Milz


About the Alspaughs:

Larry and Helen Alspaugh, New Sound Ministries, are both ordained ministers and prophetic musicians. They were born again in 1975 and married in 1976. They have trained & served in numerous capacities in church ministries; church and evangelistic bands, youth & singles directors, teachers, prophets, children’s ministers, writers/producers/directors of large drama/musical productions. Their one daughter, Kristin, 22, is currently working in Australia. They are the directors and founders of the Miami School of the Prophetic, a ministry training center. They are also founders and active ministers in Sozo Miami. Their passion is to mentor Gods people to hear Gods voice and to activate them into their ministry calling and purpose. Contact the Alspaughs – helen@sozomiami.com